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Import Service – Nepal Courier Services

We handle your import shipment quickly and efficiently is even more important. Nepal Courier Services, After receiving your complete sets of documents we forward it to our agent either to Kolkata for sea import or TIA airport for your air import shipment then provide you the status of the shipment. As soon as we clear your valued shipment from custom we will deliver to your location.

Many goods are produced in countries where the safety and performance requirements of the importing country or region are not always fully understood. These requirements have been put into place to ensure the safety of importing countries consumers. Unsafe and unreliable products can result in injury, death or damage to property as well as the costs associated with product recalls, compensation claims and the damage to a brand’s reputation.

Companies trading with these countries need to comply with these requirements for customs clearance. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance, penalties or even shipments being returned.

Intertek can issue the necessary certificates to meet these countries standards and ensure smooth customs clearance. Intertek has issued more than 2 million certificates and have undertaken more assessments of more products for longer than any other organisation.

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