Nepal Courier Services

Carton boxes for all garment items.

Jute & plastic (carton box with plastic inside and jute-wrapping outside)

Wooden boxes for all the handicraft and fragile items.
Air bubble sheets, cutting paper & foam for all the handicraft and fragile items.

Stretch wrap film for air shipments as required.

Packing Method:

Handicraft goods are wrapped in a ir bubble sheets, cutting paper & foam with cardboard to be safe from external damage.

To prevent wrinkles, thin cotton clothes are folded from inside of carton.
We fold and pack the woolen products into the cartoon box with inside plastic & out side wrapping by jutes.

Nepal Courier Services Provides Every fragile item is wrapped individually in bubble sheet, foam and placed inside the wooden box which has label “handle with care”.The books are packed into the strong cartons, which are lined with polythene from inside and wrapping outside by jutes.

Other articles are packed according to the requirements, but our primary concern while packing for air shipment is not only safety of the goods but also to keep the weight of the shipment at minimum, hence we palletize the shipment and surround it with metal film, to provide safety to the goods, as well as keep the weight of the goods at minimum.

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